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Kitchen cabinets

21 Apr
Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

Nothing can bring down a kitchen more than dark, outdated wood cabinets. However, you do not have to rip them out and start over to get an updated look. Modernizing old dark cabinets does not have to be difficult or expensive. With a few tricks, you can bring your kitchen cabinets into the new millennium without any demolition. So use one or all of these ideas in your kitchen to make the transformation as dramatic or subtle as you want.

New Hardware

If your dark wood kitchen cabinets still have gold or brass hardware adorning them, then it is time for a change. A silver or brushed nickle hardware can instantly brighten and modernize dark wood cabinets. If your new hardware is the same size and style as your old hardware, all you will need is a screwdriver to change it out. If not, fill the old holes with wood putty and re-drill in the appropriate spot with a 3/16″ drill bit. Either way, it is an easy do-it-yourself project that is relatively inexpensive. Once you have finished, step back and see if that is all your dark kitchen cabinets need. If there is still something missing, try using another one of these ideas.

Wood Molding

Many old dark wood cabinet doors are flat and boring, which makes them feel even more outdated. You do not have to change out doors completely, however, to fix this cosmetic problem. Simply purchase some wood molding that matches the style of your kitchen and stain it to match your existing cabinet color. Then cut the pieces using a miter saw to create a frame and adhere it to your cabinet doors using wood glue. This simple addition to flat cabinet doors can quickly update your cabinets with very little money. Couple this with new hardware and your may have already completed your transformation.


Just because kitchen cabinets are dark does not necessarily make them feel outdated. More often than not, it is the outdated items around them that hint at their real age. Things like old wallpaper, avocado colored appliances and 1970’s style countertops are dead giveaways that your cabinets are old. So, take the time to update the items around your kitchen cabinets so they do not drag your cabinets down. Updating these other areas of your kitchen does not have to be expensive either. Re-laminating old countertops, pulling down wallpaper and replacing old light fixtures with clearance models may only cost you $200-$300 which is much cheaper than all new cabinets by far. You may be surprised what new countertops and a coat of paint on the walls will do for your dark wood cabinets. Just make sure to keep your improvements light an airy so help balance to dark wood you have.


Sometimes, all of these changes simply do not modernize cabinets enough though. If you simply cannot stand the look of your dark wood cabinets any longer, you can always change the color with a little paint. A crisp white, sleek black or even a vibrant red could be just what your cabinets need for a completely modern look. Make sure to take the time to do the proper sanding and priming so you are not looking at peeling paint a few months down the road. Using paint along with new hardware, molding and other updates will guarantee a brand new look for thousands less than it would cost to replace the cabinets.

So whether your cabinets just need new hardware or a completely makeover, you can give them a modern look for less than the cost of replacing them. So pull out a screwdriver, molding and a paint brush and make your cabinets something that you are proud of. You will be glad you did when your friends come over and cannot believe how beautiful your old kitchen cabinets have become.


Filing cabinet Tip.

18 Apr
Filing Storage Cabinet

Filing Storage Cabinet

Do you have a huge pile of papers and documents sitting somewhere in your home? Do you look at it and pray that you never need to find anything in there, because you know it’ll be a frustrating and possibly fruitless task? Are you afraid of even attempting to file those papers? Don’t be, because they can be easily sorted out.

Firstly, you’ll need to buy some binders and dividers, or a filing cabinet and some hanging file folders. This doesn’t have to be expensive- pick up a cheap filing cabinet at a second hand store, or ask around friends and family for old binders. Next, decide what groups your papers should be split into. One for you bank statements, another for credit card information, one for insurance, a file for information about your schooling, and a file with your payslips, and perhaps more, depending on what other important information you have.

Now, set aside a few hours. This isn’t a job to do half way. Get the filing done and out of the way, and then keep on top of it, so it never becomes a burden again. Get together everything you need. A hole punch, some labels and the binders or filing cabinets.

Label all the folders you’ll be using. Now, start sorting through that pile. If some letters are still in envelopes, take them out and flatten them, then punch holes and put them into the correct folder. Put them in chronological order, so that when you no longer need them (after a certain number of years for financial records) you can dispose of them easily, and so that when you need to find something you know exactly where to look.

Now, keep filing papers and documents until everything is ordered. Find something you don’t need or can’t imagine why you kept? Shred it, to protect your information, them recycle it. All there is to do now is to make a new good habit of filing everything as it arrives. Think of how long that pile took to sort through- better five minutes a few times a week than an hour every month.

As well as taking a weight of your mind, sorting out paperwork can alert you to any potential problems or issues that might be raised in it- do you really check over your bank statements, or just chuck them on the pile? Read through them as you file them, to make sure the charges match up with what you’ve spent. Check your phone bills- are you being billed the correct amount? Working routines like this into your life can save you huge amounts of hassle in the long run.

Wooden Storage Cabinet tips

17 Apr
wooden storage cabinet

wooden storage cabinet

Do it yourself projects can be rewarding in many ways. As you will read, there are many choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet decorations and designs. Be sure that all areas are clean of debris and that you give yourself enough space to work with. Something to consider would be that painting a cabinet can take up to four days since each coat of paint takes up to 24 hours to dry. You will not have to plan on painting for four days straight, most of this time is saved for ‘drying time’. The color of gloss paint desired should be decided at this point and perhaps you wish to give your kitchen color instead of the usual stain appearance. The color you chose should look nice with both appliances and flooring in mind. Once the color has been chosen, the brushes, pan and clothes should be gathered and ready for use. A drop cloth is most important to catch any loose drops of paint and should be placed below both work and drying areas. Prepare an area to lay down the kitchen cabinet doors so that they can dry with no chance of anything falling upon the wet paint or against it.
Wipe off and clean up the face of the doors, drawers and cabinets. Unscrew or unlatch anything that connects the kitchen cabinet doors to the cabinet itself which includes door handles or knobs from both doors and drawers. Place these pieces and items in a spot where you can locate them when you need to replace the cabinet back. Once you have taken off the cabinet doors and the cabinet drawers, sand the rough areas with the lightest sand sheet. The reason for the lightest is due to the texture of mild to heavy sanding sheets contributing to wood being damaged or scratched instead of lightly sanded. After completing this to all wooden cabinet doors and cabinets, wipe them down thoroughly. Make sure that no dust from the sanding is left behind in all the corners as well. Now that you have a cabinet ready for painting, continue to the next task.

Primer seal is a good way to help assure that the paint goes onto the wood without over absorption amongst other reasons. Use a foam brush or a rag that does not shed cloth and paint the cabinets, both top and bottom (not inside), the drawers (only the face of) and the cabinet doors (only the face of) with primer seal. Read the directions to each primer seal in case of changes within mixture that need to be mentioned before using that particular primer. Once this dries, you can move onto the next step, think gloss.

Start by laying painters tape upon the edges of the cabinets where it meets the walls. Place some tape around the inside of the cabinet opening since you do not want to paint the inside of the cabinets. Now you should consider the bottom part of this cabinet if there is one. You want your whole kitchen to match so you should now go through the same steps with the bottom half of the cabinets which are located on floor level. Place the painters tape between the bottom of the counter top and edge of the cabinets. Painters tape should also go on the inside of the cabinet so you do not paint the inside. And definitely use painters tape upon the flooring to make sure that you create an even line on the lower level as well. Once the taping part is complete, take a foam brush or an extremely soft brush and paint your cabinet evenly and equally. Gloss is thick so one may want to remember that it could slowly drip so it would be advised to use the thinnest coat possible. Remember that it is very difficult to blend a dripping paint blob during the drying process so try to brush the paint until it appears thin, glossy and even. Once this is complete and the kitchen cabinet is drying, you can begin with the cabinet doors.

Use a foam or soft brush to paint the kitchen cabinet doors in the same fashion as the cabinets, with even and equal strokes of a thin coat. Only paint the outside of the kitchen cabinet doors and not the inside. While this is drying, you can focus on the handles or knobs of your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. The kitchen cabinet doors and drawers have more than just color onto them, they also have door knobs in most cases. For doorknobs one can go to Walmart, K-mart or Home Depot yet Lowes Home Improvement has the widest selection when it comes to door knob design. When changing handles or knobs, you should keep the color of the cabinet and the color scheme of the rest of the kitchen in mind. The marketplace offers many unique handles or knobs to choose from with curves and curls in many shapes and sizes. Keep the handles or the knobs that you chose aside. If you decide to purchase a different hinge or latching system for the cabinet door to be attached with, now would be the time to purchase that item and place it aside as well. Consider the design of the cabinet when purchasing a new hinge of latching system.

Paint a second coat of paint on top of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers evenly. While this second coat is drying, paint both, top and bottom, of the kitchen cabinets. This would be a second coat for both the kitchen cabinet and the cabinet doors. Sometimes three coats are required and if you do not like the fullness upon the second coat then yes, place a third coat upon the second after the second coat completely dries. Let all the painted areas dry in their secure places. Once these areas are dry, you place your handles or knobs on and then you place your doors back on. Make sure that you line them up or have someone with you that can help you line them up. Once you have done this, you are looking at new kitchen cabinets created especially by you.

To create a kitchen cabinet with stained glass, designed glass or half glassed can be as easy as a stop to your local Lowes home improvement or other home improvement stores. These uniquely created beauties can be ordered from many stores as they have guides and books of choices to choose from. The thing to remember is that you have to know every measurement of your old kitchen cabinet doors so that the ones you order will match the size when being replaced. Your cabinets should compliment your kitchen so make sure that the design you do chose upon looks nice and blends with your appliances, walls and flooring. Make sure that the new doors ordered do come with all attachments that will fit your cabinet style. Glass is very dangerous to work with and one should be careful when handling a glass cabinet door. It is important to remember that safety is first.

Safety measures can be placed within a cabinet such as a lighting system. Less cups fall with a lighting system. There are a couple ways to do this. First, one can purchase a brand new cabinet that already has a lighting system installed which can be controlled by a switch. Second, a person can place a mini light system that they can personally install yet if they do, it is advised that they are a skilled technician due to the high risk of injury. And third, there is always the battery operated lights which do not do so bad since they tend to last longer in smaller lights. Little mini spotlights come with either screws or adhesive tape that is located on the back of the spotlight. Keep in mind that you will be screwing into your cabinet or that you will take a chance on the adhesive becoming weak contributing to the spotlight falling down, perhaps upon glassware. Out of all that was considered, perhaps the safest way to install a lighting system is if the cabinet came with one or if you are certified.

The inside of a cabinet can be used for various things. At your local store you will find small plastic hooks that have adhesive behind them. Purchase a couple of these and place two of them evenly inside of the kitchen cabinet doors. Placing them with one on top and another in the middle can give them enough space to hold a couple of potholders. This is a great place to put those seasonal pot holders that are just too pretty to use. Your guest will be pleased to see such a nice sight when reaching for a coffee cup. These hooks can be used for other things such as big plastic spoon holders if the hook is placed closer to the top of the cabinet door. Either way, they do come in handy during the years.

Approximately six inches under the cabinet sits dead space. Make use of this space by purchasing a pack of cup hooks. Depending on the size of decorative cups to use, screw the mini hooks that the cups handle fits into onto the bottom of the top kitchen cabinet in equal measurement which may require you to ‘dot’ the area before screwing anything in. To mark an area, you need that measuring tape and a pencil. Count the cups you are using and see if they will fit and measure them out evenly with the measuring tape and record it onto the bottom of the cabinet with the pencil. After you have screwed them in on the even marks that you have created, place the cups onto the hooks. Take a moment and a look at your new creation. Best part about this is that even if you do not like them after you see them, you can unscrew them and place wood filler into any tiny screw opening left behind as if nothing had ever hung there before.

Kitchen cabinets are great storage places for the little things other than dishes. You could purchase a mini box to place on the inside of the cabinet for odds and ends when it comes to kitchen items. From trashcans that slide out of a cabinet to the racks you could easily attach to the inner of a cabinet, storage in cabinets has changed in the recent years. In the last ten years alone, the kitchen cabinet has become more fashionably decorative. With all this said, your kitchen cabinet should be not only pleasant but a wonderful storage place of stylish taste.

Cabinet Designs Tip For Your Home

16 Apr
Cabinet Designs

Cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinet designs can play a major role in an overall kitchen design. The right choice of kitchen cabinets can add any kind of nuance desired in kitchen remodeling, and beautiful kitchen cabinets will attract the attention of the eye more than any other feature.

The options for kitchen cabinet designs are as numerous and varied as the types of people who use them, and deciding on the right kitchen cabinets can make or break a kitchen design. Here are a few kitchen remodeling ideas for cabinetry that may help narrow the field.

A simple and economic design for kitchen cabinets is a two-shelf utility cabinet. The 4-foot by 2-foot size can be adaptable for plates, glassware, and larger items like serving platters, tea services, and small appliances. This cabinet can be made from ¾ inch plywood which can then be trimmed with doors and finished with stain or veneer to dress it up.

Simple hand tools like a circular saw, router, claw hammer, power drill, and layout square are all that are needed. Shelves are cut to size, as are the sides, the back, and the top pieces. Then the dadoes are cut into the side pieces for the shelving and the back piece for mounting. The cabinet is then assembled with nails, screws, and wood glue and then mounting can be done. Doors are optional and will be added after mounting, if used. Further instructions can be seen at

Of course, nicer woods can be used in kitchen cabinet designs. Oak, maple, and even cherry can be incorporated into kitchen design for kitchen cabinets. Depending on the kitchen remodeling budget, a fantastic new look can be had for a small portion of what a kitchen remodeling contractor may charge for pre-made units of kitchen cabinets.

One kitchen design plan for kitchen cabinets can be downloaded at and includes 13 pages of instructions. This particular kitchen design is based on one 12-foot wall without a soffit, so that extra-tall 42-inch cabinets could be used. This plan can be adapted for appliances or windows and different styles of woods and doors. This design plan shows the materials and tools needed. The plan will cost about $1400 when using cherry wood, or less if a lower-grade material is used. This kitchen remodeling plan also includes space for a dishwasher and a kitchen sink, including all top and side cabinets.

The layout of the cabinets in conjunction with the appliances is a big part of kitchen cabinet designs. Placement of the appliances, like having the sink next to the dishwasher and the oven away from the refrigerator, is key in the design. The number of doors per cabinet is calculated at door width not exceeding its height. Other factors to consider are allowing 18 inches of counter space on each side of the range or oven, 18 inches of counter space on the side of the refrigerator where the door will open, and a maximum height of 42 inches for the hung cabinets. 36 inches needs to be allowed as well for the corridor or walkway between cabinetry after they are installed.