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Kitchen cabinets

21 Apr
Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

Nothing can bring down a kitchen more than dark, outdated wood cabinets. However, you do not have to rip them out and start over to get an updated look. Modernizing old dark cabinets does not have to be difficult or expensive. With a few tricks, you can bring your kitchen cabinets into the new millennium without any demolition. So use one or all of these ideas in your kitchen to make the transformation as dramatic or subtle as you want.

New Hardware

If your dark wood kitchen cabinets still have gold or brass hardware adorning them, then it is time for a change. A silver or brushed nickle hardware can instantly brighten and modernize dark wood cabinets. If your new hardware is the same size and style as your old hardware, all you will need is a screwdriver to change it out. If not, fill the old holes with wood putty and re-drill in the appropriate spot with a 3/16″ drill bit. Either way, it is an easy do-it-yourself project that is relatively inexpensive. Once you have finished, step back and see if that is all your dark kitchen cabinets need. If there is still something missing, try using another one of these ideas.

Wood Molding

Many old dark wood cabinet doors are flat and boring, which makes them feel even more outdated. You do not have to change out doors completely, however, to fix this cosmetic problem. Simply purchase some wood molding that matches the style of your kitchen and stain it to match your existing cabinet color. Then cut the pieces using a miter saw to create a frame and adhere it to your cabinet doors using wood glue. This simple addition to flat cabinet doors can quickly update your cabinets with very little money. Couple this with new hardware and your may have already completed your transformation.


Just because kitchen cabinets are dark does not necessarily make them feel outdated. More often than not, it is the outdated items around them that hint at their real age. Things like old wallpaper, avocado colored appliances and 1970’s style countertops are dead giveaways that your cabinets are old. So, take the time to update the items around your kitchen cabinets so they do not drag your cabinets down. Updating these other areas of your kitchen does not have to be expensive either. Re-laminating old countertops, pulling down wallpaper and replacing old light fixtures with clearance models may only cost you $200-$300 which is much cheaper than all new cabinets by far. You may be surprised what new countertops and a coat of paint on the walls will do for your dark wood cabinets. Just make sure to keep your improvements light an airy so help balance to dark wood you have.


Sometimes, all of these changes simply do not modernize cabinets enough though. If you simply cannot stand the look of your dark wood cabinets any longer, you can always change the color with a little paint. A crisp white, sleek black or even a vibrant red could be just what your cabinets need for a completely modern look. Make sure to take the time to do the proper sanding and priming so you are not looking at peeling paint a few months down the road. Using paint along with new hardware, molding and other updates will guarantee a brand new look for thousands less than it would cost to replace the cabinets.

So whether your cabinets just need new hardware or a completely makeover, you can give them a modern look for less than the cost of replacing them. So pull out a screwdriver, molding and a paint brush and make your cabinets something that you are proud of. You will be glad you did when your friends come over and cannot believe how beautiful your old kitchen cabinets have become.


Cabinet Designs Tip For Your Home

16 Apr
Cabinet Designs

Cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinet designs can play a major role in an overall kitchen design. The right choice of kitchen cabinets can add any kind of nuance desired in kitchen remodeling, and beautiful kitchen cabinets will attract the attention of the eye more than any other feature.

The options for kitchen cabinet designs are as numerous and varied as the types of people who use them, and deciding on the right kitchen cabinets can make or break a kitchen design. Here are a few kitchen remodeling ideas for cabinetry that may help narrow the field.

A simple and economic design for kitchen cabinets is a two-shelf utility cabinet. The 4-foot by 2-foot size can be adaptable for plates, glassware, and larger items like serving platters, tea services, and small appliances. This cabinet can be made from ¾ inch plywood which can then be trimmed with doors and finished with stain or veneer to dress it up.

Simple hand tools like a circular saw, router, claw hammer, power drill, and layout square are all that are needed. Shelves are cut to size, as are the sides, the back, and the top pieces. Then the dadoes are cut into the side pieces for the shelving and the back piece for mounting. The cabinet is then assembled with nails, screws, and wood glue and then mounting can be done. Doors are optional and will be added after mounting, if used. Further instructions can be seen at woodworking.about.com

Of course, nicer woods can be used in kitchen cabinet designs. Oak, maple, and even cherry can be incorporated into kitchen design for kitchen cabinets. Depending on the kitchen remodeling budget, a fantastic new look can be had for a small portion of what a kitchen remodeling contractor may charge for pre-made units of kitchen cabinets.

One kitchen design plan for kitchen cabinets can be downloaded at plansnow.com and includes 13 pages of instructions. This particular kitchen design is based on one 12-foot wall without a soffit, so that extra-tall 42-inch cabinets could be used. This plan can be adapted for appliances or windows and different styles of woods and doors. This design plan shows the materials and tools needed. The plan will cost about $1400 when using cherry wood, or less if a lower-grade material is used. This kitchen remodeling plan also includes space for a dishwasher and a kitchen sink, including all top and side cabinets.

The layout of the cabinets in conjunction with the appliances is a big part of kitchen cabinet designs. Placement of the appliances, like having the sink next to the dishwasher and the oven away from the refrigerator, is key in the design. The number of doors per cabinet is calculated at door width not exceeding its height. Other factors to consider are allowing 18 inches of counter space on each side of the range or oven, 18 inches of counter space on the side of the refrigerator where the door will open, and a maximum height of 42 inches for the hung cabinets. 36 inches needs to be allowed as well for the corridor or walkway between cabinetry after they are installed.